vermouth with Campari, orange and cava 6.00€
spritz: aperol, cava and soda 6.00€
hugo: elderflower liquor, cava and green lemon 6.00€
gran mimosa: cava, orange and orange liquor 6.00€
greeny: rum, lemon and apple 7.00€
it´s not a bramble: gin, lemon and Rioja red wine reduccion 7.00€
bloody Mary: vodka, tomato, white wine, and home made saisoning 7.00€
pineapple sour (0º): pineapple and lemon 6.00€
G.H.Mumm. Cordon rouge brut (glass) 7.00€





ajoarriero cod salad
sautéed seasonal vegetables with aromatic herb broth
spider crab gyozas with roasted onion stock
baby squid rice, roasted in the pan
consommé, fish and seafood 
roasted endive, crushed potato and cottage cheese

main courses
roasted hake, smooth fish jus and aubergine strands
confit of cod served with pil pil sauce and seafood perls
cod cheeks in tempura with mashed hazelnuts (6.00 € supplement)
roasted octopus with Iberian broth (5.50 € supplement)
beef entrecote, mushrooms praline and pear (7.20 € supplement)
boned roasted lamb served with cheese cream
trotters and calf snout terrine with apple
braised ox tail with caramelized onions

french toast caramelized in the pan with Armagnac ice cream
coffee meringue and chocolate biscuit
sheep’s milk mousse with lightly smoked apple
lemon cream served with yogurt ice cream


Price: 29.50€ (VAT included) · includes starter, main course and dessert, homemade bread and drink (mineral water, Rioja C.D.O, Tres Ducados red wine or Viña ’65 C.D.O white wine)