Marinated anchovies, mackerel and scallop 15€
Beef carpaccio, chips and pickle cream18€
Tomato, tuna and roasted pepper salad 9€
Heart of lettuce with almonds cream and local bacon “euskal txerri” 9€
Marinated tuna tartar with avocado cream 11€
Cocotte of mussels, small shrimps and cockles 16€
Salsifi sautéed with white shrimp 13€

Rice dishes (20 minutes – minimum 2 pers)

Rice “caldero” San Sebastian style 18€
Paella with braised baby squid 17€

Main courses
Filets of mackerel with seasonal mushrooms 12€
Tuna with green curry 16€
Roasted hake with parsley and garlic sauce 17€
Grilled begihaundi (squid) with pickled red onion 19€
Boned roasted lamb with sabayon and garlic pickles 14€
Roasted fi let steak with cutting embers with creamed potatoes 20€
Ossobuco, fenel purée and shoots salad (2 pers.) 30€


French toast caramelized in the pan with ice cream 5€
Raspberry ice cream, orange yogurt and ground violet biscuit 4€
Coffee meringue and chocolate biscuit 4€
Roasted peach with almond sand and cheese ice cream 5€